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Switch to Contactless HD Receipts and never lose track of a purchase again.



Mobile Orders

Simply snap a pic or use one-touch upload to secure all your receipts and easily access from your phone.

How it works

Step 1

Open the IHR app, then snap a pic or utilize one-touch upload to add receipts to your vault

Step 2

Tag your receipts with customized categories and add notes to organize your receipts just the way you like them!

Step 3

Share receipts with friends or export receipts as a pdf to speed expense reporting or reimbursement


Understand your spending

Tag and track your purchases, down to the item level so you can stay organized while keeping track of personal and business expenses

See every purchase

Keep all your spending data in one place, access from your mobile device, and easily search to find purchase details or make returns a breeze.

Share and save

Make spending social and save time and money when you share HD receipts, purchase data and deals with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Skip the Slip

Be part of the Receipt Revolution! Paper receipts generate 1.5 Billion tons of waste annually — enough to cover ½ of California. By switching to contactless HD receipts, you’ll be saving the planet while saving yourself the hassle of paper receipts.

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